According to ancient texts, Habel-ma was once as varied as any other plane, with forests, grasslands, and jungles. Today, however, the plane is almost entirely desert.

Humans came to Habel-ma millennia ago, and apparently lived in peace with the local utukki for much of that time. Eventually, however, human sorcerers discovered means by which they could enslave the utukki and bind them to service. The sorcerer-kings built a fabulous civilization, but their power drained their lands of life. As their lands died, they expanded to new lands, and ravaged those in turn, until, within a scant few millennia, they had turned the entire plane into a lifeless waste.

As the ecological disaster threatened to bring their civilization to ruin, the utukki seized their opportunity to overthrow their masters. Since the humans had destroyed most other forms of sustenance, the utukki forced the humans to pay for their destruction by enslaving them and turning them into livestock. Human slaves are able to grow enough sandgrass, a tough, unpalatable, but nutrient-rich cereal grain that grows even in the desert, to feed a servile human population, which is bled as a more sustainable food stock, and butchered on special occasions, to feed their utukki masters.





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