The Spellbound Parish of Rokea Arcanum

Wealthy, Shrinking, Guard, Oath (Dis), Market (Arcane Supplies), Arcane, Guild (Mages), Power (Arcane)

Rokea is known as the center of magic and the mystical arts in Dis — a parish of wizards, arcanists, alchemists, sorcerers, magi, artificers, warlocks, and witches. It is said that Rokea was formed from the remains of a magical world — in some stories, even the source of magic across the planes. Does that mean that magic now flows from Dis, or that Dis has snuffed magic out at the source, and it has now begun to fade? These are the sorts of questions that wizards in Rokea debate endlessly.

Parish Council


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The Tomb of Belal-ahak: The ancient tomb of one of the ancient sorcerer-kings of Habel-ma has become the beachhead of Dis’s invasion. It has consumed much of Belum-suraq’s necropolis. The utukki have noticed it, and begun debating what can be done about it. Shae gave its life defending its companions against the undead in the tomb. It remains there as a rooted tree.


Inferno of the Living Jason