Character Creation

Character Creation

Before the First Session

1. Choose an archetype: adventurer, disciple, magician, rogue, or warrior. Each archetype comes with a list of specialties you can take.

2. Choose two or three specialties. This gives you your starting moves.

3. Set your damage die, load, and maximum HP based on your archetype and any modifiers from your specialties.

4. Decide on your species, ethnicity, and cultural heritage, choosing anything or any combination of things that sounds interesting to you and the other players. Then, pick 2-3 heritage moves to start with, selecting from the “monster moves” that best match your heritage. No matter where or whom you come from, in someone’s eyes, you and your family are monsters. (See heritage moves.)

5. Assign scores and modifiers to your six stats as normal.

6. Choose an alignment from the options provided by your archetype, the extras that come with your specialties, and anything else your group decides to add.

7. Choose your gear from the options provided by your archetype and all of your specialties.

At the First Session

8. Introduce your character. For each of your specialties, tell the other players what you did to gain these abilities.

9. Write bonds. You have a maximum number of bonds determined by your archetype. Choose from the bonds offered by your archetype and your specialties.

Character Creation

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