Follower Moves

Follower Moves

These moves come from The Perilous Wilds by Jason Lutes.

When you go looking to hire help, tell the GM who you’re looking for, phrased in one of the following ways:

  • group of (porters, guards, minstrels, angry farmers, etc.)
  • A skilled (guide, sage, burglar, bodyguard, etc.)

A group is a follower like any other, but with the Group tag.

If the GM says you can’t find that hereabouts, start over or move on. Otherwise, roll +nothing and take +1 if you have a good reputation in these parts:

  • On 10+ they’re yours for the hiring
  • On 7-9 the GM chooses 1 from the list below
  • On a miss no one shows.
  • They demand greater compensation, in coin or some other form
  • No one here fits the bill, but you hear of someone elsewhere who does
  • They have a need that must be met first (permission from another, a favor, etc.)
  • You can tell at a glance they are less than ideal (ask the GM how)

The GM will choose or roll their specifics (Quality, Loyalty, Instinct, Cost, tags, etc.) as needed, to be discovered through play. Which might involve you grilling them, now.

Order Follower
When you order or expect a follower to do something dangerous, degrading, or contrary to their Instinct, roll +Loyalty:

  • On a 10+ they do it now
  • On a 7-9 they do it, but the GM picks one from the list below.
  • On a miss mark XP and the GM makes a move.
  • Decrease the follower’s Loyalty by 1
  • They complain loudly, now or later, and demand something in return
  • Caution, laziness, or fear makes them take a long time to get it done

Do Their Thing
When a follower does something chancy within the scope of their tags or moves, roll +Quality:

  • On a 10+ they do it as well as one could reasonably hope
  • On a 7-9 they do it, but there’s an unforeseen cost, consequence, or limitation (ask the GM what).
  • On a miss, mark XP and the GM makes a move.

When a follower Does Their Thing, resolve it with as few rolls as possible, especially if the follower is acting “off screen.” The GM should describe what the characters perceive based on the outcome of the roll, as always in accordance with the fiction.

Call for Assistance
When a follower helps you make a move that calls for a roll, take +1 to that roll but know that they will be exposed to any potential consequences.

When a follower helps you Hack and Slash or Volley, roll their damage die alongside yours and use the higher die.

Pay Up
When a follower is compensated for their efforts by having their Cost met, increase their Loyalty by 1 (to a maximum of +3). This move cannot be made again until after the follower and their leader have both Made Camp.

Watch Them Go
When a follower has -3 Loyalty, they betray or abandon you at the first opportunity.

Follower Moves

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