The Wanton Parish of Ditchwater

Poor, Booming, Guard, Need (Housing), Oath (Dis), Guild (Thieves), Lawless, Blight (Ditchwater Fever)

Ditchwater is infamous for its squalor, crushing poverty, and wretched slums. Many find themselves without any means to support themselves when Dis consumes their homes, and many of them end up in Ditchwater when that happens.

Parish Council

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The Fleshtakers: A syndicate of immortal beings who maintain their artificial longevity by repairing their bodies with living flesh and organs harvested from others. They stay out of trouble by obtaining their materials legally and consensually — or by preying on the poor in Ditchwater that no one will miss. The own Ditchwater Manor, which is an example of how they obtain their needed materials: tenants who are behind in their payments can always make rent with a pound of flesh.

Temple of Lamashtu: Many of Ditchwater’s inhabitants revere Lamashtu as their mother goddess, making her temple one of the most important (and wealthiest) in the parish. There is never a shortage of poor mothers who lack the means to support their newborn children, and so offer them as sacrifices to the Demon Mother. The temple’s high priestess is a medusa named Medea.

Changeling Refugees: Most of the surviving changelings live in Ditchwater. They are desperate community of refugees feared and hated by all. Their unique talents would make them prized thieves, infiltrators, and assassins, but most changelings seem to avoid work that would involve the suffering of others. They say that they can feel a part of the suffering that they inflict telepathically, and so have no stomach for the very work that they’d be ideally suited for.


Goblin Warrens: A particularly fetid and dangerous part of the slum full of dark alleys and treacherous sewers. Goblins are the most common residents here, and have given it its name, but you can also find gnolls and derro, as well as morlocks and worse creatures living in the sewers. Ditchwater Fever is widespread and virulent in the Warrens. Recently, the Warrens have become a borderland, as Dis has begun feeding on a flooded ruin within Chelam Couatl on the plane of Paxche through the Warrens.


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