The city of Dis is a living thing, hungrily devouring all the planes it touches. In the lost or forgotten parts of any decadent civilization — its deserted ruins or squalid sewers — Dis has already begun its conquest, absorbing and remaking things, but also taking on the traits of the worlds it digests. Adventurers aware of this invasion use the city’s beachheads to travel between the planes, simply by journeying through Dis. The city has already consumed dozens of planes, and refugees from countless worlds fill its streets. Where else is there to go? Plus, grotesque as it is, Dis now contains the last remnants of their homelands.

The Parishes of Dis

Dis is subdivided into a series of districts known as parishes, some of which are the remnants of a single plane while others transcend any historical boundaries. An elected parish council purportedly administers each parish, though councilors typically act as toothless puppets in service to the guild houses that manage trade and thievery in Dis.


10. The Spellbound Parish of Rokea Arcanum

Rokea is known as the center of magic and the mystical arts in Dis — a parish of wizards, arcanists, alchemists, sorcerers, magi, artificers, warlocks, and witches. It is said that Rokea was formed from the remains of a magical world — in some stories, even the source of magic across the planes. Does that mean that magic now flows from Dis, or that Dis has snuffed magic out at the source, and it has now begun to fade? These are the sorts of questions that wizards in Rokea debate endlessly.

13. The Wanton Parish of Ditchwater

Ditchwater is infamous for its squalor, crushing poverty, and wretched slums. Many find themselves without any means to support themselves when Dis consumes their homes, and many of them end up in Ditchwater when that happens.

14. The Heavenly Parish of Imperial Orcus

Orcus is a fairly new parish, formed from the hellish realm of Jigōku. It is inhabited primarily by ōni, who still seek souls to devour to maintain their immortality and magical power.


The city of Dis is always consuming other planes, beginning with the deserted ruins or squalid sewers in the lost or forgotten parts of any decadent civilization. These are the cities and planes through which Dis is currently consuming the planes:

Jigōku: Dis began its conquest of Jigōku deep in the pits of Yōdu, its imperial capital. The emperor and his family are now dead, and the capital itself consumed into the new parish of Orcus, but seven of the sixteen lords still hold onto their demiplanes, and continue to struggle against the inevitable.

Allumivar: Allumivar was a plane ruled by insane cultists who worshipped the Lords of the Outer Darkness. It is now almost completely consumed, with one small fragment pulled into the orbit of Dis, being eaten away.

Alfeire: The parish of Rokea has begun consuming the city of Zora (called Faetir by its natives), and through it its plane, Alfeire.

Paxche: The parish of Ditchwater recently found its way into the flooded ruins of the sacred city of Chelam Couatl (Melania in Disian). It has only just begun its conquest there.


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