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  • Changelings

    h1. Changelings The changelings originally came from a plane now utterly consumed by [[Dis | Dis]]. They can change their shape to look like any sort of humanoid. They have no mouths and communicate with one another telepathically. The fear of …

  • Humans

    h1. Humans

    Group, Organized, Intelligent
    Knife (d8 damage)
    6 HP
    0 Armor
  • Lizardfolk

    h1. Lizardfolk The lizardfolk inhabit the tropical regions of a plane called [[Paxche | Paxche]]. They refer to themselves as _pax'ak_, meaning "people," in the [[Paxche'yal | Paxche'yal]] language. h2. The Pax'ak Couatl The vast jungles of …

  • Mantids

    h1. Mantids The mantids are a species of intelligent insectoids from the distant plane of [[Zǎrtox Brrr Zheekri | Zǎrtox Brrr Zheekri]]. They call themselves the _zǎr'kri_ in their own language, [[Eetrax Sǔt | Eetrax Sǔt]]. The plane is currently …

  • Aurokon

    [[File:487247 | aurokon.jpg]] h1. Aurokon The aurokon are ruminant herd animals native to [[Eire | Eire]]. They are generally considered as beasts by the elves. The [[Elves | high elves]] have bred a domesticated variety, called kons, and rely on …

  • Treants

    h1. Treants When the grass began its war against the forests, they were divided from one another. The fungi helped the forests give birth to the treants — a species of tree that could move, uproot itself, and cross the dangerous grasslands. They …

  • Elves

    h1. Elves Elves are native to [[Eire | Eire]], where they first dwelt in that plane's vast, purple forests, beneath the light of its twin suns. That said, elves are a long-lived people, and their history stretches back for tens of thousands of years. …

  • Goblins

    h1. Goblins Goblins are a short and short-lived species, prolific, and often violent. Sages speculate as to what plane the goblins originally came from, or if that plane even exists at all anymore. Today, they are found across the planes. Though lost …

  • Utukku

    h1. Utukku

    Group, Organized, Intelligent, Planar
    Magic (d8 damage)
    6 HP
    0 Armor
  • Bakeneko

    h1. Bakeneko The bakeneko are humanoid cats from [[Sekai]]. h2. Tails Magical power accumulates in the tails of bakeneko. Those with particularly long tails often train to utilize that power as majo. Bakeneko magic focuses on enchantment and …

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