The Sultana

Queen, Mother, and Planarch of Dis

The Sultana
Horde, Magical, Organized, Intelligent, Planar
Spells (d8+2 damage ignores armor)
15 HP
4 Armor
Close, Near, or Far

Long ago, the Sultana mated with something hungry and infinite, and gave birth to her first child, the city of Dis. She could not deny her child anything, and so it began to consume everything that is. While the Sultana cannot halt the city’s expansion, she attempts to ease the pain it causes, welcoming all refugees to their new home and maintaining Dis as a free port and entrepôt. Instinct: To protect her children.

  • assert patronage over some person or project
  • summon or command her thralls
  • create a new thrall
  • demand her due respect
  • call for a city-wide festival, with rites

The Sultana

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