Divine Emperor of Jigōku


Jigōjin was the eldest of the three divine brothers who fashioned the Three Planes. He shaped Jigōku, the lower plane where those who have sinned are punished. When their crimes have been paid for, they may be reincarnated back to Sekai to try once again to earn their way into Tengoku. Jigōku consisted of sixteen demiplanes — eight hot and eight cold, each ruled by its own king — bound to Yōdu, the capital, ruled by the divine emperor. When Dis began to devour Jigōku, though, Jigōjin and his family were slain. Now Yōdu and nine of Jigōku’s demiplanes have been consumed, and the city has begun pushing upwards through the axis to Washū in Sekai and Takama in Tengoku.

Art by Gilles Ketting.


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