Keeper of the Librum Arcanum Sangrium


Long ago, when Ditchwater was not the most notorious slum in Dis, the Librum Arcanum Sangrium was one of the most complete libraries of blood magic in the planes. Since those days, though, blood magic has fallen out of favor as less costly approaches to magic have come to the fore. Clonius, however, remains devoted to the ancient art, and continues to look after the library.

Recently, though, Clonius noticed that Dis had begun to devour the plan of Paxche. He paid a group of freebooters to loot the pyramid of Seven Birds, the first Couatl King, and bring back the lid of his sarcophagus — whether for some other patron in the city, or simply to add to the library’s own collection.

Art by Marc Simonetti.


Inferno of the Living Jason